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Veterinary Services

At Vetique, you can trust that your pets will receive the highest-quality care in a chic, comfortable setting. Feel free to purr-use all we have to offer!

Veterinary Services in Chicago, IL

We aim to create a practice that offers our patients individualized, gold-standard care at each stage of their lives.

Urgent Care

For those unexpected pet ailments or accidents, we are here for you! If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening illness after hours, we will refer you to a 24-hour emergency hospital partner.

Wellness and Preventative Care

We provide fear-free, nose-to-tail consultations to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Whether you’re bringing in your newest 8-week-old addition or your senior forever baby for an annual exam and vaccinations, we’ve got you covered. We will discuss all things wellness including immunizations, annual intestinal parasite, heartworm and tick-transmitted disease screening, as well as heartworm, belly parasite and ectoparasite prevention. Got hookworms, fleas, or ticks? Not today, Satan.

Puppy & Kitten Visits

Start your new fur baby off on the right paw. Let’s chat vaccine scheduling, routine deworming, fecal testing, infectious disease screening, nutrition, basic puppy training techniques and socialization. We’ll ensure your new BFF is thriving!

We’ve got ‘em all. Core and lifestyle vaccination recommendations are tailored to your pet’s individual environmental status.

We keep it in-house. We offer on-site blood, urine and fecal testing, as well as digital radiographs and ultrasound for expedited and reliable results. Our sister laboratory takes care of the rest.

Sick Visits
Irregular poop? Vomiting? Itchy skin? Ear infection? We’ve seen it all in general practice. Come on in for a comprehensive exam. This is a great starting point to aid our team in providing the best recommendations when it comes to diagnostics and treatment plans. After all, we follow the gold standard of care. We vow to get your little one feeling better in no time.

We perform a wide variety of routine and advanced soft tissue surgeries ranging from spay and neuter, prophylactic gastropexy, laceration, and wound repair, enucleation, splenectomy and foreign body, bladder stone and mass removal – just to name a few.


Stinky breath? Routine and advanced dental prophylaxes are our jam! In dogs and cats, periodontal disease is a leading illness diagnosed in our small companion animals. By the age of just two years, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats exhibit some form of periodontal disease. Gum diseases ultimately lead to other systemic illnesses throughout the body, including heart, kidney and liver diseases. For this reason, it’s crucial for animals to have their teeth examined and cleaned regularly by a veterinarian. In addition to basic ultrasonic scaling and polishing services, each and every dental prophylaxis includes full dental radiographs. This allows us to visualize not-so-obvious diseases below the gum line. We perform closed, multi-rooted and complicated dental extractions when clinically indicated. We also manage painful resorptive lesions and gingivostomatitis in our feline friends.

Internal Medicine
We provide complete veterinary care for your pet utilizing complex diagnostic tools and specialized therapies, treating a wide array of conditions affecting the skin and internal organs. This includes the kidneys, urinary tract, liver, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, respiratory tract and bone marrow.

You know what they say – you are what you eat. Each and every pet has a unique microbiome, and we’ll help you identify the formulations and ingredients that yield the best results.

Separation anxiety? Aggression? Cry no more. We’ll work with you to decipher your pet’s unique code and develop a treatment plan to make life happier for all parties.
Health Certificates
Whether you have upcoming domestic or international travel planned, let’s be honest—it’s always better with your furry BFF! We’ll take care of the physical exams and tedious travel documents so you can enjoy more vacation time.
Integrative Medicine

Mind, body, and soul. We take a whole-pet approach to therapy. We believe in combining complementary and alternative therapies with conventional medicine. Patients are evaluated on the basis of their environment and lifestyle, disease, condition or pain score in combination with the results of their diagnostic modalities. Our integrative services include acupuncture (dry needling, electro-acupuncture and aqua-acupuncture), chiropractic manipulation and applied kinesiology, laser therapy, herbal therapy, nutrition, nutraceuticals, and supplements. Does your pet suffer from a degenerative neurologic condition? Anxiety? Advanced arthritis or chronic pain? An integrative approach may be right for you and your fur baby. Let’s get holistic, baby.

Laser Therapy

Grab your protective Doggles! Laser therapy is a safe and non-invasive pain management modality that can reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, speed healing and greatly improve your pet’s quality of life. Post-surgical laser therapy is included with each and every surgical procedure. We’ll heal those dental extraction sites and abdominal incisions in no time.

Massage Therapy
Does your pet have a chronic condition? How about a brand-spankin’ new injury? Is your pet recovering post-operatively? Or does your pet experience body tensions from everyday life stressors? Massage for your pet offers the same benefits as it does for us hoomans. Book your pet’s massage on-site at Vetique with our NBCAAM-certified animal massage therapist of Pet Massage Plus, Shelby!
Euthanasia Services
End-of-life decisions for our pets are never easy. Our staff members are pet parents too, and we fully understand the emotional pain that accompanies this choice. We are not only here to help you cope during this difficult time, but we also facilitate the entire process and educate you from start to finish. We approach end-of-life care with compassion and warmth to ensure a comfortable journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes this is best performed in the patient’s home, familiar and low-stress. That’s why we are always available to come to you.

Who doesn’t love convenience in this day and age? Utilize our online store to home deliver your pet’s pharmaceuticals and prescription food right to your door.

Human Wellness Services

Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers are available courtesy of Opulence Chicago. Be sure to check your email for our sponsored med spa days. Yes, we bring the injectables to YOU!

In-Clinic Wine Bar

Wine not? Schedule your vet visit after work and wind down at our in-clinic wine bar with a Pawsecco spritzer or a glass of Pinot Meow while your fur babe is examined by one of our Chicago-acclaimed veterinarians.